Skrapar district lies in southern Albania, in the heart of Toskëria. The origin of this district is the earliest, which is confirmed by archaeological findings and civic Illyrian period cemetery in the town of Polican. Also the view from near of the Illyrian castle, in 1964, shows the continuity of this area. Evlija Çelebi, Turkish historian, writes that during the medieval peroid, the castle of Skrapari was the city of Ibrahim Pasha. Later took up the fight by Gjedik Ahmet Pasha, at the time of Sultan Bajaziti (1389-1402). Adding to these facts the rare beauties of nature, we can list Skrapar among the most attractive tourist cities of Albania. Skrapari includes two municipalities, Çorovodë and Polican, and eight communes. The capital of districts is Çorovoda.

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