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Saranda city tour

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Saranda city tour.
The tour will start with a panoramic drive of the town of Saranda, stopping in the city centre to pay a pleasant visit to the Byzantine Church and the Synagogue, both dating back to the 5th Century A.D. Saranda was founded in the 6th Century B.C. and its current name comes from the name of the Byzantine monastery of Agioi Saranta literally meaning Forty Saints in Greek, after the Forty Martyrs of Sebaste. In the town of Saranda, you will learn that this commercial port town is built directly over the ruins of the original Roman town. Visit the Onhezmi Synagogue, built in the 5th century AD, inside the Onhezmi Fort. The size of the two-story structure indicates that the local Jewish community was both large and wealthy. Onhezmi Fort, located on the coast, took full advantage of the overland trade route between Corfu, Thessaloniki and Istanbul and its Hebrew population was certainly involved in trade. The syna-gogue served both as a place of worship and a community service center. It was built in at least two stages. Originally, the synagogue was a two-story structure and included a prayer hall with mosaic floor picturing a Menorah. At some point, the community prospered and built a new basilica-style prayer hall. Enjoy exploring with your guide. You will stroll throughthe town to see the Museum, rich of mosaics and archaeological findings coming from the whole region around Saranda. After the visit to the Museum, you’ll continue your tour along the main avenues of the town. Before going back to the pier, a photo stop will be paid on the hill of Lekuresi, overlooking the town: during the clear days, you will be able to get wonderful views of Corfu in front of the coast. The excursion will also give you chance to have enough free time for independent exploration. Please note: this tour is not suitable for guests using a wheelchair. Conservative attire recommended for visiting sites of religious importance.

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