Gjirokastra to Libohova

4x4 Tour

From Gjirokastra to Libohova with 4×4

Tour of Gjirokastra passing from Bektashi temple of Melan ,Glina, Goranxi and Libohova with 4 x 4 Jeep off-road vehicles

This tour shall be offered on 4wd Jeeps and it follows the off-road alternate route to Gjirokastra. Gjirokastra’s Castle of Argjiro, the old Bazaar and the Skenduli 300 years old house shall be as the final destination of this tour but only after we have been first to Melani Tekke where we shall learn a little bit about Bektashi Muslim Order, its mysticism, and rituals ,than we shall have a little off-road adventure while passing across the mountains through the villages of Glina , Goranxi and Libohova. The panoramas and views are fantastic . Before leaving the off-road track we shall have a drink under the famous 220-years-old monumental Plane Tree of Libohova.

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