Join our beekeeper for a fun and educational exploration about bees, beekeeping, and honey. During this open beehive demonstration, you will explore an actual hive and learn where the queen resides, how honey is made, and what makes bees so special and interesting!! And that is not all.. Our beehives are in a small village just 15 minutes from the town, our beekeepers very friendly and they shall amaze you with many curiosities about the bees. Than after your experience with the bees we shall go altogether to a locals house for resting a little in the green yard, tasting some homemade traditional products accompanied from our famous drink “raki” and having a nice conversation with our hosts. The tour is part of our Live Like an Albanian for an Day experiences which aims to make you part of common day of our locals life. You shall get to know many different people and have fun with them and exchange your opinions about the simple things in life which are also the most real and beautiful..

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