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Live like an Albanian for a day

Albania is a gorgeous country, full of 1000’s of different facets, landscapes and sights. And, guess what: its inhabited by Albanians ! THEY make it into the country that you have to visit. So, get behind the tourists’ facade of “sea, sun, and ancient ruins”, spend a day to LEARN & Practice how we do actually live on a day-to day basis!! Visiting “off-the-beaten-track” places and learning the insider’s stories, are part of the experience. But the ultimate aim is to help guests acquire a thorough understanding of the core elements of Albanian hospitality and culture, as they emanate from the experiences themselves. Being Albanian means you are a free spirit, ready to follow the rules but at the same time to go against them. So, GET TO KNOW THE LOCALS, discover their life stories, their crafts, their hopes and aspirations, the places they go, the things they do. Our itinerary will start with picking you up at the port and straight to the southernmost point of Albania, a panoramic view driving across the mountains to a very beautiful village, Konispol while leaving behind Ksamili islands and Buthrot channel through plantations of citrus fruits, virgin nature and breathing the fresh air of the countryside. We shall explore together the village before heading to our hosts house where we get to taste delicious traditional dishes having love as the main component.. Lunch shall be served in the yard and while children can play with pets the grown ups are welcomed to participate at the barbeque..While at the village possible sites of interest may also include a visit at the second world war martyrs cemetery as it also offers a very nice view and also a visit at a small factory that produces cheese and other milk by products. On our way back we offer a little of Saranda town center exploring and a quick stop at the Lekuresi castle where you can enjoy a magnificent view of the town from above. We aspire that you end-up feeling a little albanian, at the end of the day….

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