Real Estate in Saranda

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Gabby  Real Estate in Saranda works with professionalism in the field of real estate services. Given that the office is being run from an experienced civil engineer operating in construction for many year and a certified real estate appraiser, Gabby Real Estate has services in:

SELL, BUY, RENT assessment of real estate assets in saranda, DESIGN, ARCHITECTURE, CONSTRUCTION, LEGAL ASSISTANCE. We cooperate with developers, notaries, banks and other real estate agencies to ensure our customers a high-class  full service before, during and after a transaction. Feel free to contact us for any enquiry that you may have cause we are ready to share with you any kind of information that you request free fast and professionally.

There are no special restrictions for foreigners owning property in Albania.The agriculture land is prohibited to be bought by foreigners unless they establish a company in Albania. In some areas, there are limitations aimed at protecting the environment, cultural heritage or setting land aside for military use. Additionally, there are various restrictions under family law and matrimonial property regime.

Property prices in Saranda are among the lowest in Europe, although real estate agent’s estimates vary. Vacant land can be bought for as low as €40 – €150. Prices of newly built apartments in Saranda are around €500 to €800 per sq. m. Luxurious units in the city centre are priced at around €1,000 per sq. m. and more.

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