Përmeti is located in southeastern Albania. Përmeti district consists of two municipalities, the Përmeti and Këlcyrë, and from seven communes, Sukë, Ballaban, Petran, Çarshovë, Piskovë, Frashër and Dëshnicë. Përmeti is a mountainous town, surrounded by a mountain range, Trebeshinë-Dhëmbel-Nemërçkë. The river Vjosa passes through the city, it has become already  an inseparable part of the name of this town. One other characteristic of Përmeti were the flowers, specifically the roses that existed everywhere in the city, especially around the gardens, but also in older originally houses of Përmeti, famous for the cleanness  kept by the owner-ladies of the houses but also for the hospitality and good maintenance. Because of these flowers the city  were called “City of roses”.

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